It’s Not My Place To Judge 

Rational interest, actions, individual persuit of personal interests. Choices and the basics of life. Benefits and changes, preferences and ranking. And the pleasure, the satisfaction we derive from our personal sacrifices, behaviours and characteristics of ourselves. Relationship from variables. The demand and supply, graphs and curves of analysis, dependency and sources. Maximisation, dominance. All of these need a sound grasp of economics and the little I know, perhaps the more reason, I have a shaky arrangement of the different terms I have been lucky as to learn, but the words I get to are decision and scarcity.

Literally I fill myself with the power of choice, but I must confess that before I actually do have to reach the limits of choosing, I have to decide. And in that line I find there is adequacy of time to reflect on how my fondness for things that I don’t understand should somehow become part of the test, of my rational thinking. Identity of facts, relation of past and its “Descendants.” Graphing the possible lines of growth of my indulgence. Strictly analysing, the basics and understanding the supposed changes. So traditional, its very important that I sit down and inspire my thoughts to rescue that which I have from elusive tendencies. And at the same time intricately examine that which I do not. So my background screames nothing but the truth, I’m inept. However doggedly I might try to repress that simple truth, signs and symbols are quiet but they uphold that state of affairs. And I’m so grateful, for they constantly remind me that I am short of glory. And to myself that is scarcity.

Ideologies and facts of the modern world have been model and shaped by prominent economists of the past-Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Jonh Keynes, David Ricardo. And Keynes was right upon the discipline, “The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. And that, indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist.”

So economics is very important it’s worth studying. But my tendency of twisting things has an upper edge. He said both when ideas are right and wrong. The question is, when there is no such thing as an idea in an individual. That means a person is absolutely empty, not a single valuable thing in the delicate organ above the neck, then what? I’m quite impressed that we humans have been presented the freedom to argue therefore, there exists critical matters to comprehend. 

Fortunately, I have the power to expand my domain, and I’m happy to re-introduce rationality and choice. And in this context scarcity is unsurprisingly not an exclusive member. Well, we can briefly compare the concepts shall we? Without brain, pretty harsh everyone has a head. So no idea and no clue and not a sense of direction perhaps, quite unique I must say. Again how is rationality applicable in such circumstances and what’s there to choose from? 

Let’s assume the role of anthropologist who studies the world and dissects behaviours and not only to better comprehend the different characters, but to gain unorthodox perspective on the world we inhabit today. 

Have you ever turned off your phone hoping that it wouldn’t ring. Ever stopped to think what someone else is actually thinking about the person you are. Listen, life will try to make you feel or think that you are anything but amazing, and we all make mistakes, we blow up our only chances every day. Betrayal, rejection and someone thinks you’re unworthy. The past is always there, funny enough it rarely defines us.

You see the thing is we have problems. The human appetite to talk. Let’s see, I’m proud, proud that I have issues and that’s the scarcity I face. Good thing, I have knowledge about it and I can rationalise my choices. So I have an edge in deciding what choices. You see it’s by no means certain that what we say about others add value to them. Nor is it certain that they require our approval or judgement. Yes our lives is bent on uncovering information and truths through trials and experiments and possibly from others . If my experiment is a flop I learn and what’s the big deal anyway. You see sometimes we step beyond this world into places of fierce turbulence. In which nothing else exists but constant rumble and tumble. But without an idea of such, what’s the rush to have a say.

I have rightly tested my enthusiasm for other things, for many things. And my infatuation for knowing placed me on a collision course and hence the discovery of the word moral. A word roughly described, as manifestation of standards of behaviour or rather principles of behaviour: right and wrong. Here is the big question. When your moral compass points to a direction in which clearly I’m not. And you reserve in your collection of thoughts, the entitlement to your opinion, the umph to talk is more than that weight of silence ask yourself, “Does moral include being poky and is judging others by what they have done or where they have been represent high moral standards? If rightly you so believe in morals from what standards are you judging? I believe that for me to judge I must clearly define the rationale. 

I also do believe that I’m no saint. Well we’re no saints. If at all I have to judge therefore I must have the experience which in sense will somehow reduce the impetus to judge. 

For some people it’s not a question of having the much needed experience. They simply have no scales from which to measure, hence it’s not about choice. Actually the whole thing metarmophosis and is rather based on the premise of the haves and have not. I have a clue and someone doesnt. I can make a choice, with precision and tact, someone probably has to resort to speculation beforehand, fascinating. 

My agenda is simple, many times we devote our time and energy in things that are so irrelevant. Strictly however, we should be keen to realise the point of divergence. A point we start relegating to obscurity. Lack of that important knowledge, sets us on a strange path. 

My concept for things has always been of a different level, but for reasons beyond my immediate grasp I have always harboured special fondness for the words scarcity and decision. I was far too timid before but now, I’m overly confident and comfortable. In fact I feel it’s now adequate to make a decision. It’s not important whether I’m crazy or not. I can never be sorry for what I have become or who I’m fast becoming and its never about what I have done before. In the end It’s the stuff that I have done that makes me who I really am. I cannot change because someone thinks I should. My value equally, is not dependent on opinions and ratings and its not subject to change based on what someone else believe.

I’m not so immune to judgement, but I consider what people may say, unsolicited advice. And will remain as such. Any opinion that may arise, is obiter dictum to my knowledge and I will not judge so I have decided.


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