​Through The Sky To The Heart Of Her Heart. 

She frowned, listening to the voice of the cabin attendant, feeling guilty at having slept and wondering why she had to wake her up. She flicked her wrist to check her watch. Lo and behold! It was 0600hrs and the airplane was climbing down the altitude fast. They had been flying slightly above 40,000 feet for more than an hour. She cautiously engaged her rather sleepy mind as they dropped further. She was thrilled at the idea before, now that she was only minutes from touching down, she felt a little uneasy. 

She had vision before, better plans but it was now riddled with confusion in her heart. She was only 12 when she had earned the confidence of her parents. She was fortunate to fly around to places of her choice within the country and do things that she loved. The airplane was almost hitting the runway, the place she first met him. She unconsciously slipped into the past. His voice loud in her head, she couldn’t help but smile, a smile that soon turned into an expression of suspense. She closed her eyes tightly, it was happening. It was the only place she had felt the need to talk to someone intensely so. And she could vividly remember seeing him just standing there, his bag strapped around his shoulders his hands to his pockets. He looked, a little influenced by the circumstances that surrounded him.”A Little influenced by ideology or sentiments perhaps,” she thought. He didn’t look average to her in every way and she wondered what in the name of this earth did he subscribe to. She was only 15 then, but she was a curious one. She was jumpy, just a little and she understood its advantages. She took her chances and explored her options.

How many times have we found ourselves saying, what if? Hers was the initiative, a reason to begin, his was an answer, simple clear and cut. An answer that made her wonder if her choice of the person to chat was a mistake. Strategy and skill will only get you far, to win you need weapons and tenacity. The kind that she was more than gifted. She was not the one to give up and she was irresistible. And she had made her pick. She tilted her head, pushed back the strands of hair that had fallen to her face, she was more than ready to press higher. She wasn’t “cute,”she was sexy. Everyone could see it. And beautiful. Elegant. She had class. Medium, thin, blonde. With hands that one noticed, a face one hated to stop looking, a body one watched. She was beautiful. And she knew it. Her father knew it, her mother knew it. So what? She was beautiful too. It wasn’t something she really cared about. But other people did. Other people and she was sure he was going to. “You see, I love exploring stories that make me human, and probably you are wondering when the balance of power started shifting. I always fancy my chances and I’m here trying to make a conversation with you. If I fail, when I wake up tomorrow, it will be like plunging back into a nightmare. I’m careful not to have any of that, so are you going to be mean to me all the way?” She was just impressive.

He studied her for a moment. He wasn’t sure what to say, he rolled his eyes and amusement touched his lips. All the indication that she had won the debate before it started.” I understand I haven’t seen a whole lot of different sides, hard to process. And sometimes I turn things a little dark. I’d like that to be my defence,” he said with a cute smile. He had seen subtler displays of arrogance before. He was however convinced otherwise. She exuded confidence with a warm smile and an air of sharp intelligence. 

There was a further disinteresting silence. She was not the one to misread people for she had met characters from travelling. Somwhere she thought he was either just a difficult person or he posed a condescending attitude. She wasn’t sure and so she had found herself a pretty job. “Don’t ever think that I have nothing to say,” he stirred the silence with a polite smile on his face and an encouraging look. She thought his qualities were intriguing, something she found quite attractive.

Her passion was learning the human,the human mind, the more reason travelling was fun. In the seconds and minutes that passed, she tried to make herself useful. She scarcely had the time and the person she was talking to, was someone with little to read from or rather confusing signals. He had a transfixing brilliance no moment in her life had ever seen, yet he was careful to hide. It was something that only intense scrutiny would unfold and time was of the essence. She thought him a superb deceiver. He rarely offered more than an outlook that spurned a lot of uncertainty. She could sense some element of insensitivity but that she could not only understand but explain.

There was a beauty in all, the rarety of the person he was. In its entirety though there was little possibility of evaluating the character of an individual without seeing the bad and the good. Seeing is believing and the paradox; all she could see were but meaningless symbols and whether to believe or not was something she could not determine herself at that time. As the airline touched down for their second meeting after the first, she felt a kind of pull like gravity. And it scared her, she didn’t know if she had fallen into his orbit.
The morning, the weather was so brilliant so magnificent. Sipping from her glass, she thought, she felt, honestly she wondered whether she was crazy. She thought of why she loved going places. And It gave her a tiny pinched feeling somewhere in the pit of her stomach. Her eyes searched, clawing a little, but carefully, and then, she realised that for some reason she just didn’t care anymore.


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