Facts Are Important!

I get it, but I think i’ll pass. It is quite possible and rather necessary to engage in a combative conversation with taste, discretion , and even ethics, as long as we are aware of what we’re doing. An acquaintance walked to my table furious and fuming. The first word he spit was “stupid.” I have heard the platitudes of cynics that ignorance is no defense. The parallels I have noted is that if there’s any good reason ,ignorance is bliss. Humans have problems. As if to draw my attention to the fullest, he gave me a little shove and a long testimonial of how and why he reserved the right to call me one. And I hoped fervently but with little certainty that he was right. Secret of life ; facts are important ,facts matter. And an opportunity is a second mistake. I listened to his non-stop patter that barely scratched my encyclopedic knowledge of understanding. I watched him keenly as his face dampened while he worked his language to drum into my head that there’s little difference between a poison ivy and a proverbial green bay tree. C’mon poison ivy will cause an itchy misery! As I kept listening, the vision of the junkyard, like the winking of a far-off star leaped to my minds eye ,quickening my pulse . I looked down and then a contemplative quick shot at the object human I was facing. Then I asked myself, is he just dumb or its a disease?

You see my ego is the same size as the moon I’m trying to colonize and thus very much uncomfortable with someone inside my head. It scares me. I’m always round the twist ,bogged as a beetle ,dotty as a dingbat , I got rats in my brains. No time for little things, no qualms. I listen in ,but when its becoming a bore I quit. It was a test of my knowledge of who I think I was and the utter collusion with the reality of who I actually was, I didn’t quit. The thing with an opportunity is, it does not allow another person to understand your perspective rather it gives them the leverage and an insight to how stupid they already think you are.
We find a bounty of knowledge and understanding when we listen and plan incredibly when we think before speaking. From the Bible we should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. With anger ,there’s the adverse problem of speaking first and without facts. From what I know, speculation is to assumption, assumption is to mistake and mistake will get you killed and by killing I mean self esteem and self confidence. And the only cure for self-confidence and courage is humility. By definition humility is a mature and intentional decision to recognise and respect others at the same time as one respect oneself. Learning comes knowledge, knowledge comes understanding. With an extension of understanding there’s the ability to respect other peoples’ views, that is however wrong someone maybe there’s a respectable approach. The real test of knowledge is not truth but utility.
I tip my hat for those who know what to say ,those who have what to say, those who know how to say what ought to be said and still find it incredibly easy to listen than to speak. The difference between those who know and who don’t is how much they speak. When you have learnt so much, you realise how little you know and thus silence is better. A toast to fools, they are important in the society. They speak an infinite deal of nothing; they want to be heard and so in the words of Ali, “show me your best punches and i’ll finish you off.” The good thing is they have tossed reason off their window. I’m of course overjoyed that at least I’m still learning. And there is more than the usual amount of satisfaction to have learnt for instance ,that education is an antidote for ignorant and morbid minds. And that education helps form one’s erstwhile callow and ignorant mind into a thing of dubious splendor that it may be for the present and the future. But let not education get in the way of your learning and there’s more,” wisdom.” Something presumably useful and filled with resonance. Special party for those who have learnt to combine knowledge and wisdom to creat an impact.

“I do not know what I may appear to the world , but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore , and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me .” Isaac Newton. Learning is infinite ,and to myself its about learning how to be good at being a person,and the unfortunate corollary of this seeing how far from good at being the person I am; nothing makes for me than the realisation that a person professing an idea or fronting an argument is a pipsqueak ! The immense laughter when you understand that his reasoning is inverted. What is it but the joy in the confirmation of the knowledge that, indeed there is a substantial effect to the logic of reason when the rules of nature are disregarded. What then? The mind is the centre of all and contains with it all that it is the centre of. An inverted head thus shifts the contents of reason. So I get it, humility is key ,and listening is of import but I can’t help ,it’s hillarious when forced to listen to a foolish argument. For that i’ll pass, but I’m still learning anyway.Facts are important 


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