Little wonder,really is it that, such a daunting exercise to find some peace in the middle of discomfort? 

Standing in the dim lit little room,darts was their priority, it served better therapy of the mind and they somehow found it hard to avoid it . It was a tradition. Aiming the eye was something that required precision and the ability to see the impossibe ; the invisible gorrila experiment. They had successfully bent the rules of the game to suite their needs . Theirs was not for merit, it was to relieve themselves the tensions of living.However much he tried that day, the missiles didn’t stick. It was the place they poured their secrets ,their shortcomings and their unceasing need for redemption. His friend eased a little gasp and a hesitant chuckle when he asked , what it takes to be happy , even for a single day. Well not thinking, and not thinking about thinking and not thinking at all that there’s something like thinking. At least he had the imagination that, that was the best mark of peace within oneself 
. As he listened to his friends’ constant non-stop narration of a very long laborious tale, spectacularly encapsulating the details that supposedly served better to bring peace. She said, with a little shrug of the shoulder at the very end ; being happy doesn’t mean there is no problems, it’s the decision to ignore and to focus on the good however difficult it may.

He looked at her blankly and wondered if like him , she felt the discomfort he was feeling, listening to her speak about peace within self. He wondered whether she had a tiny bit of an idea what made circles of exercise within his little head. He listened till he could hear but whispers , whispers shouldn’t be that loud, should they? She was definitely talking to herself ; not literally though, he had shifted his line of imagination. Beginning from her grandmother who told incredible stories of her early life and to herself, who didn’t struggle to make everything seem to have life. She brought an uncommon and an insightful perspective in almost all fronts. Every person wants his or her own niche and he had discovered his when he stumbled upon the fascinating lady, he sought her perspective in almost everything. She was medium and willowy with long blond hair that seemed to emanate a faint silvery glow. To complete this vision of perfection she had hit the bull’s-eye. In a pinch so I was told ,you can resort to quotation ,a commodity which liberal arts teaches to treat and respect, and I offer the following ” God only made a few perfect heads and faces, and  the rest are yet to be classified.” You dont have to classify her. 

There’s no shame in meeting an amazing person, he was rather very young when they first met. It’s okay to make fairy tales jokes silly but crude jokes ,not acceptable.She didn’t like the way the others treated him and she didn’t take the fight to them ,she pulled him out of there which was by far a thoughtful decision. It was a complicated long and confusing moment, filled with intensely difficult air of pyschological nightmare. An opportunity translates itself not into reality automatically, but there are instances they are just blurry. To be defended by a girl is different, asking her name is another in certain circumstances. She boasted on the toast hyperbole in the jam and spread the taste to everything she touched. Later that month they understood that ,if you smash a glass object into two pieces. If you recover one piece you know only that you have a piece of glass. If you recover the second you know you have two out of two which is basically the whole piece.There was no difference.  

There’s a lot that seemed to get under his skin the whole week. From the old relationship and that had stood the test of time, he understood that there was but one person who would ignite the candle , exorcise the demons and set him free. She had a strong ,vibrant and evident vigour that dispelled any improvised sense of inability. She had made him keenly aware and sensitive to the desires of peace and comfort. Growing in the confines of her environment had tought him to appreciate her, and to him she was a heroine. Listening to her introduced a little pinch to his comfort. He wondered why he wasn’t happy anyway while he was so lucky. He taught her how to play dart and she had got better. She aimed her last missile and when it hit the dead centre, he felt a different level of satisfaction. Fake is an imaginary creation of a real thing to lure us into the belief that real things actually do exist. There are complicated people living in this complicated world ,scarcity and exclusivity is indeed rare. And real people are rare. She made a very fast turn on one toe. Coyly , she craned her neck and smiled into his face. He didn’t expect it albeit , it seemed irresistible anyway and she did it unstintingly. Then with passion ,planted an amazing kiss at the corner of his mouth. She tightened her caring arms around him. “Nothing I said back there hold water and thus not a chance to be compared to being here,” she said. ” Peace is actually managing conflict within self,” she added. But one wilds sweet hour of glorious life is worth a world without a name. And she was there to make that happen. “Things sometimes move at a pace, that there’s not a chance in hells cat to stop,” she reminded him how he had stood by her when she needed him the most.

As they stood, still clutched onto each others’ arms. Calm and conceited, her head resting on his chest and her hair feeling soft on his chin. There was plenty of silence. Then in a flash the rain started, accelerating from a few big drops to a downpour in seconds flowing from the sky like the rivers of the forest for five minutes. He realised that there was no philosophic rationalization that could conjure up to keep him from wanting to be with her. Looking through the glass window and across the road, he realized that he will fail if he didn’t act faster. Seeing a foster bird of peace having an evening bath after the downpour. He understood that, nothing is ever quite what it seems, and that peace with onself is simply a mature decision to stop playing the awful records of any distasteful past events. A decision that needed no explanation whatsover, just a little bit of understanding. And that there was a lot more to feel happy about. The anguish of the week had taught him a fundamental lesson then than ever that sometimes it is not just the resilience, but also toughness of a bamboo reed that is required. For still where he was standing, he was fortunate to have such a cutie as a friend and more than just a friend. Sometimes when we have good company ,we try to undescore its value. As if to say one shouldn’t bestow respect to those who hold positions in our respective lives, for they are source of fun and hope and belief. Those who won’t quiver in their boots and do what their head tells them not to,even if it’s just a friend, they give a sence of direction. Sorry to say some people are ***holes and thus some associations are nickel and-dime-affairs ; traducing. But that is expected.

“Traveller there is no paths, paths are made by walking,” Spanish poet. There are no better person, persons are best when you see them for who they are. Ideally a good person is one you have met ,known and spent time together ; its difficult to spend time with a nutcase. Today technology has made it incredible. Spending time can be through correspondence. Like him, its the people we spend time with, who can make us see that which we have chosen not to. “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful,” Thich Nhat Hanh. There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. Sometimes happiness and peace within self lies with those we interact with, those we share secrets ,those we share jokes; be it a friend you like or one you hold in highest regard. And sometimes its just an effort to have a smile to help put a smile on another face. As the sun lands through tall trees falling on the ranks of stones ,so should we sink in deep peace. 

Do it, energy sucking, energy bubbling, saliva inducing ,soul teasing, mind blocking. With great passion onto no limit. Do it when you feel like it and when you don’t feel like it. Do it when you can and when you can’t, try to. In the darkness remember and where light lasts don’t forget, and even in your sleep. Love, cherish and fluant what there is and what must be. Above all, respect that person who reminds you who you are. Finding peace is as simple as knowing the right people and as easy as knowing what is right to be done.
Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.

It’s about who you know 


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