The State Of Being Uncertain.

It’s quite something when you stop to think that there’s a lot of skepticism about human existence. No person is indispensable,we all occupy the realm of contigency and it’s only the confidence, the ambition and the hope that is very much something keeping us in the race. Consequently, whatever it is that gives you hope, whatever it is that gives you reason to believe hold on to it and never let go. Fast, we are getting replaced.

Some of the intricacies of the world include the science of aerodynamics, from a rocket blasting off to a kite flying and to an eagle high up in the sky. From the forces of flight ; lift ,drag ,thrust and weight. These are what make an object move up and down, and faster or slower. It’s all down to the amount of each force compared to its opposing force that determines how an object moves through the air. The question one would ask therefore; what is weight, what is lift, what is thrust and what is drag. 

The State Of Being Uncertain 

One thing I hate and I’m super glad that I can admit is, giving definitions. I’m allergic to giving answers to questions too but worse, trying to explain something.I simply hate it. Basically experimental stuff is not part of my adventure for all the forces require experiments to confirm. Perhaps to be a little helpful and cover my shortcomings NASA already have the answers . Another admission on my part would be the fact that I love business. Much more specific the terms they often use. With the spirit of disobedience to the very rules and dictates to which I conform, possibly some definitions will suffice with regard to the business language. Trade for instance, the fact that I can give an ink for a pen makes sense. Words like creditor, debtor makes me feel a flush and ready to spend and borrow.

In that spirit, the science of aerodynamics is something I alluded in the hope of borrowing.  And from NASA, the concept of forces of flight ; the four forces.When you take it to the sky and you find yourself distrusting the sensations of flight, doubts creeping in as you roll suddenly into a steep turn and dropping the right wing below the horizon. For passengers’ peace of mind it is very much in order not to exceed the airline maximum of a thirty-degree bank, which is aerodynamically unimportant but is imposed anyway. Don’t ever forget that there are forces that will get you home, no matter the circumstances.

At the very heart of this uncertain world, lies the mysterious and dangerously delusive nature of each, and I’m no exception. Perhaps to be more specific, I have chosen to offer explanations something I’m very much against and I have overly expressed my disgust. That is to say, Hofstede’s conceptualization of uncertainty avoidance, he developed the ‘Uncertainty Avoidance Index’. The measure of how societies deal with ambiguity. How a society deals with the fact that the future can never be known: and whether we should try to control the future or just let it happen. The thing with ambiguity is that it puts us in a collision path with objects. That is, there is little difference between humans and objects in the air. We are like jets and rockets , oh and humans in the airplanes . We can glide at different angles, height and speed and without a luck, only pieces, just pieces we can be. 
There can be answers as long as we live and there may not as long as we look. And beautifully dressed is the world,so beautiful but that is the problem. We have learnt to dig for answers. We have learnt to see far and wide ,we have learnt to talk to each other through wireless. We have learnt to develop computer systems, able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence such as; visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making,and translation between languages ; Al. This is significant for it’s founded in deep learning which remains relatively rare and has made the world more beautiful. What a paradox for if we keep searching, we will enthusiastically reach extinction level; preference of technology to humans and thus?

I have likened human existence to objects and flying. And if I may be of any consolation,welcome on board ,we will be flying at 1700 feets above sea level,the time really will fly too. Please remain seated and fasten your seatbelt incase of turbulence.Sightseeing may prove important. The bad news is ,we are flying in an area under jurisdiction of a state with fixed unbending rules, flexible enough in the wrong direction. Never forget though, within the danger there’s the safety of knowing what chances to take and be safe. You are advised to keep your eyes on the windows. For still there is a beautiful dramatic view of the uncertain world. We depend on the forces of the world and the mercy of the creator for that reason,  comfortability is of the essence. We live in an unstructured world and there are unstructured situations , situations that are novel, unknown and surprising ,situations that are different from the usual. And we keep looking for answers and we keep plunging in the deep.


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