โ€‹I was standing in the kitchen, when i heard this sweet sounding music coming from the outside.

I ripped in smiles and dance as I dragged and pushed the eggs from the edges towards the centre of the pan. The smell of it, rich and unceasing.”What is life,” I asked myself. is just what it is, be happy!“The condition that distinguishes you and me, and any other organism living, from object matter ; stone for that fact. And the process of increasing in size, production of offsprings, either by asexual or bisexual and becoming different somewhat before death.”
Looking out the kitchen window I could see the nodding trees and the clear sky beyond. It was a mystic beauty. For the first time the sight before me did not answer my expectations, I had formed a totally different idea of what the world was. The world presented breathtaking illustrious wonder. “How doest it feel being a tree,” i thought. There are things we cannot control, I could not help but marvel at what I could see. Its then, that I realised I was thinking about a different kind of life. Being happy and always exhibiting the exuberance that the good things have brought in someone’s real existence. And if there’s any bad, wave it off and keep up the spirit. 

Life maybe twofold as well, depending on how you see it ,winners and losers. And we are lucky as to know that. But life does not depend on us,neither does it depend on our hearts. Those who win have a name. Call them champions. Losers is a collective name as well. I think everyone is a champion. We all have the ability to rise from a fall,dust ourselves and keep going. 

Of course there are times when there is existential mess. Everything in chaos. Several twist and turns and from a glance it might seem,the dark wounding paths are never ending. Just dont forget, its the failures ; the many times we fall,that makes us stronger and impenetrable. It might be energy sucking and heart wrenching and anxiety packed. Trust me dear, the sensation of getting there is an equivalent of stepping onto the moon. Even so,lets imagine everything is really impossible,do we give up? 
My friends in the philosophical realm hold the position that, the past cannot in fact exist or at least if it exists, then only in the form of “the past.” Everything that can possibly exist can only exist in the current state.
The same applies to life ,its only now and thus should be filled with admirable scenes, those that are of a kind. Remember we can all win. Even if we do lose, we should fill our hearts with joy. Sometimes losing can be honourable ,and we really don’t have to go through life suffering what you can or cannot do. I understand that losing brings with it people who can make ones life an unholy misery. Don’t get startled by that though, its kinda a reality. Its pretty much not possible to alter reality,but we can always toy with the circumstances surrounding a reality and that might paradoxically alter any such reality. 

If you are beginning to pause your reading or maybe your fork lifting or better yet,glass sipping wondering really, what life I am talking about. I just want you to live joyfully and willingly renounce those moments that limit or ration the very air you and I breathe.
Live and enjoy today ,tomorrow is like your clothes in the closet, you are never too sure which one you will pick when the sun is up.



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