First Post!!

​I’m human and at least nothing can really change that . But i have this to admit.

I’m not entirely against it but i generally stay away. Not unless there’s something substantive,something special and highly about it . 

You see, I hold the view that I practically have to dissociate myself from the compact majority.

There is more to being a free thinker, and the whole idea of not having to shout a “yes” in unison; translates to a higher form of expression.
And there’s a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that, what you know – they know that they don’t know and that they know that you know that. They can only know that which you know when you so decide that it should be known. 

Anyway all perspective hold some truth, none of them hold the complete truth.Embrace the freedom ,see the difference and tell it as you deem fit.

In simplicity , set yourself free from thinking about anything that has to do with what another thinks. 
Let’s all keep the standards at a level.


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